Polyester Blanket

We install to government NZS 4246 standards. Our installers are clean, tidy and polite.

Angel Energy sources the best insulation which is made in New Zealand from 100% lofted thermally bounded polyester fibres. The polyester conjugate fibre is crimped giving novatherm excellent durability. Polyester is designed for use in ceilings to provide thermal insulation. The air under the blanket, the air trapped in the fabric and the air inside the hallow fibres all contribute to the blanket insulation. The product we use is 100% polyester, is safe and user friendly, it also carries a 50 year guarantee.

Glass Wool

This type of  Insulation is made from the world’s most popular insulation material, glass wool, which is non-combustible and sustainable. The glass wool is made up of 70-80% recycled glass and contains sand, soda ash, borax and limestone with the final component – resin – being the agent that binds everything together.

Here at Angel Energy we also give you the option of perchasing our ceiling insulation products.